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9/11/08: Yosi Sergant and the Art of Change:
The Publicist Behind Shepard Fairey's Obama Hope Posters
Yosi Sargent is the guy who had the smarts to ask Shepard Fairy to make a
poster for Obama. And the rest is in fact history.

7/31/08: Lessons From a Santa Monica Food Line
Volunteering regularly at a Santa Monica food line is a win-win. It’s not only helping
provide meals to people who need them, it’s giving this 30-something Brentwood
mom a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

6/12/08: After the Suicide: A Sorrow So Deep
Nick tries to make sense of life in the aftermath of his wife’s suicide.

4/17/08: Bingo Was His Name
The community of Silver Lake mourns together when Bingo the dog,
the other mayor of Sunset Blvd., passes away.

3/06/08: Style and the City
27 year-old Beth Jones had never worked in fashion before she quit her corporate
job and started a fashion blog, but since then it’s “taken off like crazy.”

2/07/08: The Wire's Lance Reddick: He Might Have Been Bubbles
Before Rocket Video closed down, they used to have Q & A’s there, like this one
with The Wire’s Lance Reddick, better known as Lt. Cedric Daniels.

1/10/08: Eloise Gets a Manicure
12 year-old Eloise Valentine gets a manicure.

12/13/07: Family Affairs
A little sister manages both her brother's and her mother’s dating websites.

11/08/07: The Unconsumed Life
Ann Bradley is standing outside the Silver Lake Farmer’s Market with a sign
that reads ‘Please Bring Your Own Bag’ nine times—this baby boomer is serious about
zero waste, extremely well-informed and polite.

11/08/07: He Stands and Delivers
Before he was President, a campaigning Barack Obama spoke to a small
crowd at Garfield High about education and immigration. I was there.

10/25/07: The Body Electric
Sexy, smart 23 year-old Emily Keaty has “literally” felt the doors open in her third eye from eating a carrot.

10/11/07: The Art of Textual Relations
28 year-old Kendra Dennis is a master of Textual Relations. Check this out if you wanna “Get Wit” her.

9/27/07: Goodbye, Loafer Queen
Olivia Beall (pronounced “Bell”) is an abstract thinker and an abstract painter.
Her mind gravitates toward ghosts, art, psychic energy, astrology and the history and
culture of the city in which she lives and paints. She was stealing electricity from Beck’s mom
and drinking Café Con Leche at The Tropical long before the eastside became gentrified.

8/30/07: The Owl and the Pussycat
Alan claims an owl flew into his second-story apartment window in
an attempt to steal his pet cat, Robert. The owl, Alan says, did not succeed. But the
incident left Robert, his durable 18-year old tabby traumatized and Alan, well… intrigued.

8/16/07: A Man and A Woman Walk Into a Bar
With red plastic cups in hand, Francois and Marina are in their own world.

8/02/07: The Big Picture
32 year-old Patrick Ecclesine spent 3 years taking photographs of Angelinos
who live and work along Sunset Blvd, and he has eyes as blue as well-chlorinated pool water.

7/05/07: Catcher in the Grass
Did I ever tell you about the time I bought JD Salinger’s 22 unpublished
short stories at a garage sale in my neighborhood?

5/24/07: Dancing in Tropical Snow
With her red/blonde mullet and Crayola green-and-yellow outfit, pretty 23-year-old Ashley
Huizenga looks like an art star, rock star or American Apparel model. Which is it? She might be all three.

5/10/07: The Haden Clan
Jazz legend Charlie Haden moved his kids here in the mid- ‘70’s, now the entire family is an LA treasure.

4/12/07: Inflatable Ego
California native Addi Somekh, who graduated from UC Santa Cruz and Manhattan’s
New School for Social Research, looks a lot more like a laid-back, granola-eating grad student
than a clown. But he’s not a clown. He’s a balloon twister.

4/05/07: Is Oakwood On Fire?
Young actors grab their scripts and run as the Oakwood Apartments almost burn down.

3/29/07: Dewey and the Pelican
Actor/surfer Dewey Weber faces off with a suicidal pelican on the Imperia
Highway and contemplates what it means to be American. Does this sound like a waking dream?

2/28/07: The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
It’s Valentine’s Day in Silver Lake.

2/14/07: Smoked Out
Joanna Le Force, spokesperson for the West Hollywood Medical Farmacy, talks
about their recent DEA raid, which included a task-force complete with bullet proof vests and AR-15s.

2/14/07: Surrounded
Andrew Rakos is not opposed to legalizing marijuana it’s just… do they
really need three dispensaries on the same block as his kid’s private school?

2/01/07: Meet Me at (the Doughnut Side Of) Third and Fairfax
It’s a nice wintery L.A. day and Matthew Kogan is drinking his regular
Americana under a heat lamp on the “Dounut side of the Farmer’s Market.”

1/18/07: Lucas at 20
Luca Elliot is 20. He’s started 22 scripts and acted in lots
of TV shows and films, but what he really wants to do is direct.

12/21/06: Onward American Soldier
19 year-old Private First Class Rogelio Mendoza came from Lamont,
California, “Just a little town with nothing but gangsters and a lot of trouble.”
Now he’s waiting for his Grayhound bus to Camp Pendleton.

12/07/06: After the Rapture
Look at all those heavily accessorized 18-to-24-year-olds pouring out of the Rapture
show on Hollywood Blvd. They’re all so tipsy, nearly naked and texting their friends.

11/23/06: Good Morning L.A.
Erik must have said ‘Good Morning’ at least a hundred times during his hike today through Griffith.
This whole talking-to-strangers thing makes him feel connected to mankind.

11/09/06: The Side Man
Is everything changing in the music industry? Former Virgin Records bigwig
turned indie record label owner Andy Factor talks about it.

10/26/06: Rescue Me
Commercial actress Alexis Smart just went pro. Her flower power potions are stimulating consciousness all over L.A.
Maybe she can heal you?

10/11/06: Beer Fest
A couple of Daniels decide to brew their own.

9/27/06: Used Country
Man, Ameoba Music.

9/13/06: Listening to E.E. Johnson
Long live the poets! Eric Ernest Johnson loves life, and old vinyl, and 60's paperbacks, and the Beats,
and writing on his old typewriter, and...

8/30/06: The Other Art Tatum
Gus Seyffert is almost six foot five. His bullmastiff Art Tatum is 175 lbs. They are
big and tall, maybe you will like them.

7/5/06: Let Me Ride
Michael and Scott took an epic bike ride last Saturday night,
down where poo-poo alley meets the 5 freeway.

6/21/06: Given To Flier
Michael Bauer hopes somebody, anybody, is thinking about his band The Front.
That's why he is putting up those "broke-ass" fliers.

6/07 /06: Native Sun
Slender sunflower, clover and California lilac bloom at the Audubon Center in Debs Park. Patti Sun
spreads the love.

5/10/06: TomTom Club
Can't get enough Tom Cruise weirdness?
Jeremiah Gall's short Just Cruise is good stuff.

4/26/06: Remember to Smile
29 year-old actress "Alex" just had her marijuana prescription run out, but "whatever."

3/29/06: Jason The Beachcomber
Jason used to sell airtime for Infinity Broadcasting, then he had his "epiphany," and everything

3/8/06: Tiffany Is Going to France
Vive La France! Down with high school!

2/15/06: I Drive Therefore I Am
Angelo de la Cruz wants to tell Los Angeles: "fie on you and your idea of a pretty car."
He also wants to attract girls. That's why the hula-hoop maker did what he did to his Ford Bronco II.

2/1/06: A Face In The Hip Crowd
Dylan Haley is just as special as every other special person. If that
kind of person interests you, here he is.

1/18/06: Fairy Lust
Do you believe in Fairies? Erica Snowlake does, and she used to stalk Viggo Moretenson

12/22/05: A Not-So-Bleak House
Why buy a damn Christmas tree anyway?

12/8/05: Rocking Horses
In 1978 Lester Bangs said "Horses changed my life." Patti Smith changed mine.

11/10/05: The "No New Underwear" Rule
Do new underwear have the power to ruin your life?

10/20/05: A Short Shorts Story
Thanks Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan! You just launched Kristin Johnson's fashion career.

9/29/05: Nature Boy
Is that Vincent Gallo? No. It's just Mario from that Los Feliz health food store.

9/15/05: The Path Of A Flower
Have you ever dreamt of leaving it all behind, buying a boat, and just sailing around the world?
Well, Stacey Wright did all that for ten years, and now she is living in Venice.

7/18/05: Rainbow Bright Eyexyk
Artist or a muse? Who knows. Young Eyexyk (née Issac) Ledesma feels like "the first gay Mexican."

Check him out. Everyone else does.

7/04/05: Short Cuts
Are you a filmmaker whose had a short film rejected by the Sundance Film Festival?
This may be of some condolence to you.

6/21/05: L-U-V VS. L-O-V-E
Wanna know the difference between L-U-V and L-O-V-E?
"Echo" and "Cassie" figured it out, kinda.

6/3/05 Portrait of the Artist as a (Very) Young Man
Travis Kaupp couldn’t stand watching his fellow seventh graders
pushing and shoving each other in the cafeteria line. So, he wrote a poem.

6/3/05 There's Something About Claudia
Is "Claudia" magic? Or is she just a babe?

5/19/05 An Elephant Man
Are the LA Zoo elephants happy? Uhhh? Not so much.

5/6/05 Thoroughly Postmodern Lily
Wondering what’s going on in the L.A. private school Bar Mitzvah scene?
13 year-old Lily can help you survive Bar Mitzvah season.

4/15/05 The Defender
Offended by the Encyclopedia Britannica’s coverage of his hometown, a 25 year-old film buff
takes them on and wins!
*24/7 is happy to inform that since publication, the Britannica
changed their disparaging essay on L.A.

3/25/05 Prasad, Um?
Brain-brightener tea, celery and peanut butter, eastside hipsters love
Prasadam, even if the new restaurant’s name is misspelled.

3/11/05 Charades Rules!
Sounds like: ‘Charades Freak.’

2/25/05 Red All Over
Stoner Jake makes a whopper of a Valentine for his lover and fails his drug test.

2/10/05 Hard ROQ
A fan tries to help save Rodney on the ROQ.

1/13/05 Oh, The Shameman
Like many crackpots and prophets before him, Clam Lynch failed at a lot of things before he.
decided to get into the self-help racket.

12/30/04 Funny Young Things
Pretty Young Things is the most brilliant show you're gonna see on public access TV any time soon.

12/16/04 What's That Sound
In 1970 Lee Zaslofsky fled to Canada after being given orders to serve in Vietnam. Now he mans
the office for Toronto's War Resisters Support Campaign, helping American soldiers from Iraq seek refugee status.

11/25/04 The Billy Pulpit
Billy Graham's last dance at the Rose Bowl

11/18/04 Prick Up Your Ears, the Hand Job is Back!
Need I say more?

11/11/04 Thanks For The Weirdness.
Harper Simon goes to Washington.

10/28/04 Silver Lake's Top Dog
Everyone here loves Bingo. The 12 pound dachshund is living it up.

9/30/04 Party of Five
Five documentary producers finance their pro-choice feature by selling their now iconic
Wax Bush Vote 2004' T-shirts.

9/16/04 Breakfast With Tiffany
Don't hate her just because her mom is Allison Anders.

8/9/04 "You Can't Tell A Hero To Stop Being a Hero."
The unstoppable Jason Hall and all those vaginas.

7/2/04 Girl, There's A Better Life For Me And You
A love story about two people and a city they don't like.

8/19/04: Republican Dawn?
Eric Eisenhammer is a Young Republican, he's not messin' around.

7/15/04 Give Pies A Chance
Filmmaker Charles Herman-Wurmfeld and some friends bake and sell sweets to raise dough for the Democrates .

6/24/04 The Curse of Buddyhead
Thanks to his music website Travis Keller isn't making too many friends these days,
he just can't stop talking shit.

5/27/04 Couch Hopping In L.A
There's a rebel on every corner

5/6/04 Marlayna From His Memory
Back in the Inland Empire Marlayna was wild.

4/15/04 Sk8er Girl
Bree "like the cheese" Ford, always wanted to be a skate-punk.

4/1/04 Liz And Max After School
It's the first week of spring and Max is wearing his Led Zepplin T-shirt and Liz's bangs are long.

3/18/04 A Bear of Very Little Shame
An interview with Imaginary Bear, Tanya Hayden tags along.

3/11/04 Leapin' Ladies
Jo, the druid healer, explains the real story of Leap Year and why all men should lock the doors.
*Also, Oscar night at the 101.

2/19/04 Return of the Free Spirits
Handstands, groupsex and good vibes, Steve and Emily at the Venice drum circle.

2/5/04 Material Girls
Hiedi and Hana's parents might be bummed if they knew how materialistic these 13 year-olds are,
but they probably don't know. Hanging out at the Koreatown Plaza.